I am 55 years old and currently reside in our home in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest with my wife Holly and our three children, boy 17, girl 13, boy 8, where our home barely missed the recent forest fire here in Sept.

I grew up in Indiana on the Ohio River, where I had a hellish upbringing (won’t get into that), spent 3 years in the Marines, left voluntarily for marijuana use, spent the next 25 years as a roaming New Age hippie (mostly into the psychedelic shamanic angle of the New Age), believing I was gaining “spiritual wisdom”.

I began my journey out of the lies of New Age paganism & the parroted lies of professing Christendom in Hawaii in 2012, right after my wife’s conversion. It was John 14:6 that forced me to make this life changing decision…either Jesus was the only way, the only truth, was the only life and only way to the Father, OR he was a lunatic.

I embraced who he said he was, and that is when my entire world was flipped upside down.

Many of our pagan acquaintances in Hawaii shunned us as if we were lepers after I became vocal in exposing the pagan evils of the New Age. God quickly removed my family from Hawaii where we moved to Arizona, fortunately shortly before the volcano decimated the intensely pagan area of the Big Island we lived on. I have since then returned to the Pacific Northwest, where I originally met my wife, to take a job.

I’m also a musician/guitarist who performed acid-rock for 30+ years, and quit cold turkey in Hawaii when I realized it was self-glorifying and have never set foot onstage again. I’m still a musician but recently, and while recovering from open heart surgery, I lost my fretting index finger to a table saw this November making it impossible to play guitar chords.

I am a former believer in Original Sin, former Trinitarian, and former believer that we are saved IN sin. I have never supported Faith Alone, Calvinism, OSAS, Pre-Trib Rapture, etc., or any of that clearly unbiblical nonsense.

I tried attending several churches but not only did something just feel off in my spirit, but as I began to compare what was being preached to Scripture, I began to wonder why a common thread that was taught is that sin is now largely a “non-issue” once we simply believe Christ died for our sins, with zero work or obedience required from us, just mere “Faith Alone”, and that all Christians still sin everyday, in “word, deed & thought”, just a “little less” than unbelievers, but that we will sin till we die.

What a Gnostic lie of the Devil I have come to see this is!!

The next thing God revealed to me to me is that He DOES require believers to live holy, to be perfect, and sin NO MORE.

The more I became vocal about this on social media, the more I was demonized as a heretic for preaching “Sinless Perfection”, which ironically would make Jesus ALSO a heretic in their eyes because HE is the ones who commands “SIN NO MORE” & “BE YE PERFECT”!

Not only does Jesus NEVER command the impossible, he IS our human example of HOW a man CAN & IS to live.

The more I compared scripture to what was being robotically parroted by the vast majority of professing Christendom, the more I came to understand the real roots of all these sin-accommodating doctrines like Faith Alone, Imputed Righteousness, Penal Substitution, Progressive Sanctification, OSAS, etc., are actually rooted in the Gnostic belief that man is born sinful from Adam (Original Sin), and as a fallen creature is “unable” to obey God’s commands.

There was a statement I came across that shook me…

“If Original Sin is true, either Jesus was born sinful or he was not born as a man…IN THE FLESH’.

Jesus was made & tempted in ALL points as we are!

1 Peter 4:1 was a big one to support this for me.

John called the Gnostics deceivers & antichrists.

The processing church was infested with the Gnostic spirit of antichrist!!

This was a powerful revelation for me, and I became extremely vocal about this on social media, and quickly came to realize it was a HUGE golden calf of professing Christendom which was diabolically devised to leave man in his sins, deceived that he is right with God, by mere “faith” in what Christ did FOR them.

Many, many professing Christians wrote me off as a heretic on social media (and every other name under the sun) It was a literal war, that largely fell on deaf ears.

The next huge revelation which I quickly came to realize that was even MORE of a rabidly defended golden calf was the TRINITY (which I once defended!). It was John 17:3 that put the final nail in the coffin of a “triune god” for me, and I have been equally vocal about this on social media, only to find out the hard way how even MORE intensely it is guarded as a literal idol & GOD! I have found a mere who shared my position. Most wrote me off, even those who oppose Original Sin!

What God came to show me is Trinity & Original Sin BOTH actually work hand in hand for the purpose of creating a pre-existent, superhuman, hypostatic “Godman” who alone was able to obey his own “impossible commands”, who alone by his own dignity obeyed FOR us, who mere fallen man is unable to follow…as the TRUE Christ demand we MUST, that we MUST “walk even as he walked”.

Both the Trinity & Original Sin deny Jesus’ humanity as a fully human man…IN THE FLESH!


BOTH are golden calves, traditions of men, and doctrines devils diabolically devised to guard & protect their true god…SIN ITSELF!

To most who profess him, Jesus is a mere scapegoat for the sins they refuse to abandon!

This is what God has shown me thus far. And I’m SO THANKFUL TO HIM!!

I may have other things I need to unlearn, I have no idea. It’s a journey. I do consider myself teachable, otherwise I would still adhere to those wicked doctrines, but it HAS to be proven & revealed to me. Once it is, I will embrace it.

I have much written on what I believe God has shown me. Mostly on my FB pages “Christ vs Antichrist” & “Spirit & Flesh” the former being more geared against the Trinity and the latter being more geared to exposing the Gnostic spirit of antichrist in the church. I encourage you to visit them.

Long story short, I have found myself largely alone in my beliefs, which I know cannot be pleasing to God, as I know we cannot be a body of Christ alone, I need my brothers & sisters and they need me. But I have simply not known what to do, where to look or where to go, until just recently I was introduced to a small but growing group of true brethren who share my beliefs, so I am hoping I have finally found a true home.

The way that leads to life is indeed VERY, VERY narrow and FEW are those who find it. And I do not say this boastfully, but truthfully. And just as truly, as prophesied, there IS indeed famine in land for the Word of God.

“Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.” ~(Jesus) Luke 13:24

God bless.

In Christ,